'Won't Be Moved' Gene Moore Live Performance

'Won't Be Moved' Gene Moore Live Performance

Gospel singer Gene Moore performs a live rendition of his worship song, ‘Won’t Be Moved.’

This powerful tune reminds us all that there is strength in the Name of the Lord. We serve an incredible Father in Heaven and with Him in our corner, there is nothing that can stand in our way.

“I will not be moved
I serve a God that don’t just say he proves
If you feel me yeah then I’m talking to you
Said I will not be moved (I will not be moved)”

Gene’s musical journey started as a background singer for other popular acts such as Kirk Franklin and Kim Burrell. But Gene continued to feel a call from God to share his voice with the world. He felt that he was meant to come out of the background and be a voice in the front.

Now, he’s sharing his God-given talent with the world and Gene’s words are leading a nation. Today, he’s performing a live rendition of his song, ‘Won’t Be Moved’ in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gene had this to say about the inspiring song. “I want ‘Won’t Be Moved’ to become the next catch phrase. ‘I had a bad day, but I won’t be moved.’ ‘My coworker is trying my patience, but I won’t be moved.’ ‘I’m having money issues, but I won’t be moved.’”

“I serve the same God back then the time he helped David
And the very same God proves every time that He’s able
If I hold my peace I got a seat at the table
Yeah I think it’s so stable that’s how I know I won’t beg
I won’t be moved, oh
I won’t be moved, not gonna fall, no”

When times seem tough, remember these powerful words and know that God is always with us.

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