News Anchor Ainsley Earhardt On Faith In God After Miscarriage

News Anchor Ainsley Earhardt On Faith In God After Miscarriage

Fox and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt opens up about leaning on God after suffering from a miscarriage.

From a very young age, Ainsley had a passion for the performing arts. She took an interest in drama, film and television. She earned a degree in journalism and started to pursue a career in the news media.

She worked in South Carolina and Texas before getting her big break with Fox in New York. Ainsley always dreamed of starting a family of her own, but she wanted to make sure that her career goals were checked off first.

When she was finally ready to have a child, she experienced difficulty getting pregnant. Then, Ainsley suffered a miscarriage that required a D&C surgery. When her faith was tested, the inspiring woman focused on her faith and the peace that God had a plan for her life. “I know that women are hurting.

I know that men are hurting. And I know that you can get through it. It might not be your plan and it might not be what you want for you life. Know that God has a plan and God works it all out.” After her miscarriage, God blessed Ainsley with another pregnancy that resulted in a beautiful baby girl.

Despite all of her many Earthly blessings, Ainsley knows that all of this is only temporary. “This world is amazing and I’m loving my life and I’m so blessed. But this is not it. I just know that there’s something better.” What an incredible I Am Second testimony from this Christian role model.

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