My Testimony - Living With Usher Syndrome

As an Usher Syndrome sufferer born with deafness and blindness, I have had a great passion for biblical archaeology where I’ve participated in an archaeological expedition in Israel over the past few years. The video takes you into the world of semi-darkness and limited hearing that will teach you to be more considerate and helpful to those who have these difficulties.

It will also teach you to trust God for all things, to ‘see’ God working in your life even when you are not aware of His plans for you. The video will challenge you far beyond your comfort zone, it will inspire you, encourage you to dig deeper to find answers and open the door to possibilities you never dreamed of. PERSERVANCE is what life is all about. Having a disability does not stop you from enjoying life but you can still perform your God-give n talents and inspire other people around the world today.

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