Proverbs 5. (The Lips of a Seductive Woman)

Proverbs 5. (The Lips of a Seductive Woman)

Tempted to cheat on your spouse? Pondering an affair? Or, perhaps you are already having an affair. Rest assured, difficult times and days are surely ahead, unless you repent. The sooner the better. The earlier, the better. If you are in the pondering stage of infidelity, please take this video to heart. Take your eyes off of others, (both the opposite sex, and those you 'assume' are doing just fine despite being unfaithful) and turn to God as you are. Turn back to the wife or husband you are married to. Do everything that is within you, and on your side of the relationship, to make your marriage work. Fight for it, with everything that you possess. Turn fully to Jesus and confess your sin to Him. If you travel down this extremely painful road of adultery, when it is all said and done, you will groan at the last, and wish sincerely you would have listened to your own conscience, as well as any and all your teachers.

In very short, get this area of life correct (sex life/marriage etc etc etc) and you will be blessed all over. Get this area wrong, be assured, reality pledges it, you are going to hurt all over.

May this reading bless you above measure!
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