I'm Reaching For You

"I'm Reaching for You" Here's a love song to you from the Lord Jesus Christ.
Written and sung by Joanne Scott of Morning Song Productions, she owes the creative arranging, orchestration, instrumentation to her husband Steve, who put the song together for her as an act of devotion to her. The space ships sounds and special effects were created with a Yamaha Motif and recorded on a Tascam 24-88. Joanne wrote the song several months before hearing the song "Reach" by Peter Furler, former lead singer of the Newsboys.
My song "I'm Reaching for You" was written from the perspective of the Lord Jesus, who reaches out in love and humility to all sinners.
"I thought of Him with His hand stretched out on the cross and was taken by the thought of how He loved us enough to submit Himself to the thought of how much He loved. He was reaching for us," explains Joanne.
"I recall some of the most despairing moments of my life. I cried out in desparation to Him. He was always there with me all along the way, reaching for me and waiting for me to reach back."
Take this valentine gift of love.
Download this song during this limited Valentine's Day offer. Listen to it and think about how much the Lord loves you. Then reach back to Him and tell Him "I love you too."
Happy Valentine's Day from Morning Song.

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