I KNOW YOU'RE THERE Casting Crowns / Chandler

A few favorite pictures, put together with one incredible song... The words describe the ever-present, ever-loving nature of the awesome God that we have... God, who through Jesus Christ, has made himself available to all who sincerely seek Him... This incredible song was given to us by a band called Chandler, and here in this video, the song was performed by the group Casting Crowns. EVERY song on Casting Crowns' newest album "The Altar and the Door" is really, really good... This is one of those albums that is best when the volume is turned WAY up! :0) The below info was acquired from wikipedia.org: Chandler is a Christian contemporary/praise worship band. The band is made up of three brothers and their two childhood friends. They are from Stockbridge, Georgia along with their counterpart Casting Crowns. In 2007, Chandler made their song "I Know You're There" a national hit single on Christian Inspirational radio. This song has since been recorded by Casting Crowns on their album, The Altar and the Door. The Altar and the Door is Casting Crowns' third full-length studio album, which was released on August 28, 2007. This album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling about 129,000 copies in its first week. The video I've done here is to the Casting Crowns version of "I Know You're There". I am so grateful to both Casting Crowns and Chandler, and for their sold out hearts for God... God Bless You!!! And to all of you who make comments, thank you so very much... All to HIS glory... Note: I've had some people ask if they could use this video for worship or other purposes and if you feel permission is needed, I give full permission to anyone who wishes to use it.

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