(A song for Fathers and Daughters):


I met a girl today I'd never seen before
I held her in my arms as she was crying
I whispered in her ear and held her close a little more
Then she laid her head upon my chest and drifted off to sleep and I said...

Let me hold you just a little bit longer
Before you go to sleep and end another day
'Cause when you wake up you'll be older and stronger
And one step closer to walking away
Let me hold you
A little bit longer today

I fell in love again with someone who's so sweet
She can melt your heart and make you feel just like a child again
Though she cannot walk or talk and sometimes still needs help to eat
I love to sit and watch her as I gaze into her eyes and tell her... (Chorus)

Let me hold you now while you still want to be held
While you like the silly songs I sing and stories that I tell
Let me hold you now as I pray you off to sleep
That your thoughts would all precious and dreams would all be sweet...

I spent the afternoon in someone else's world
Filled with crayons, books and toys and games I still don't understand
Just another perfect moment with a special little girl
Then I picked her up and held her tight and whispered once again, baby...

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