Spiritual Murder vs. Spiritual Life

MASTERING YOUR DESTINY and THE LAW OF ATTRACTION are 2 current faces of the Antichrist spirit in the Church today that cause Christians to become SPIRITUAL MURDERERS. In Part 1 of Spiritual Murder or Spiritual Life Apostle JoAnne Cremer delivers another profound and provocative 30 minute expounding on 1 John 2:9 from a 3 month series on the Apostolic Pattern for the Church, and details 5 points of how Satan reproduces himself in the Church as the father of lies by focusing the gospel upon REMOVING OBSTACLES, LACK, POVERTY, changing your circumstances and culture, and by ENFLAMMING PASSION & LUST for SUCCESS, PROSPERITY, WEALTH & HEALTH, as though God were one’s personal SANTA CLAUS or magic wand. Redirecting the Church back to the ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT OF FAITH Apostle JoAnne calls Christians to return to their First Love and receive true spiritual freedom, true spiritual life and true spiritual healing through the New Covenant priesthood of Jesus Christ. To experience the Great Transition of the Church and return your faith to the simplicity and power of Christ FREE OF CHARGE, we invite you to partner with the Apostles’ Center where we will take you off the false journey and establish you once and for all in the FULLNESS and Covenant of Christ. Learn the Pattern. Live the Truth. Receive the Reward. www.apostles-center.com

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