Florida Deputy's Heroic Act Turns Him Into Honorary Family Member

Florida Deputy's Heroic Act Turns Him Into Honorary Family Member

Check out this story about a Florida deputy’s heroic act that turned him into an honorary family member.

Deputy Sergeant Dave Musgrove is an officer in Charlotte County, Florida, where he recently rescued a baby’s life after a serious car accident that left her not breathing.

“I saw a flash. I heard a loud bang. And then I saw a cloud of smoke,” Sergeant Musgrove describes the scene that night. “I saw Kayleigh, the mother, just frantically screaming, crying for help. She’s yelling, ‘My babies, my babies.’”

He continues to share the details of the wreck. “As I approached, I saw a motorcycle on the ground. I looked in the vehicle and I encountered a 3-year-old little girl in a car seat. I thought all was well, removed the girl, and she kept yelling, ‘No, my baby.’ And I looked down and I saw underneath the motorcyclist, there was a baby’s head and a car seat.”

Right away, Sergeant Musgrove was able to pull baby Lola from the wreck and start performing CPR on her. “Shortly after I started CPR, I heard the baby gasp,” he shares.

The 6-month-old baby was then airlifted to a nearby hospital, and Deputy Sergeant Musgrove visited her often while she was recovering.

“He’s our angel, that’s for sure,” shares the baby’s grandmother. “You know, what he did for our family was life-changing.” 

“I’m now Uncle Dave according to the grandmother,” says Sergeant Musgrove. “Yes, I am in contact with the family multiple times a day. I get text messages every morning with the morning report.”

Sergeant Musgrove was definitely in the right place at the right time to help this family! And baby Lola and her family members are incredibly grateful for him and how he showed up for them in their time of need.

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