Jennifer Garner's Side-Splitting Fight With A Stubborn Sleeping Bag

Jennifer Garner's Side-Splitting Fight With A Stubborn Sleeping Bag

Actress Jennifer Garner had a side-splitting, laugh-out-loud fight with a stubborn and uncooperative sleeping bag.

Nature is just another way in which the Lord has blessed our lives. Enjoying the great outdoors is a fun, worthwhile activity and something we should all probably do more. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the Lord’s wondrous and magnificent creation. 

Of course, though, some are more outdoorsy than others. While some people may enjoy spending more time indoors, others prefer grabbing and packing a few essentials for a camping outing. Sleeping underneath the stars, taking in that majestic and awe-inspiring sight will remind you of God’s power, might and artistry. Only an artist could create something so beautiful. 

But before heading out on that camping trip, packing a sleeping bag is a must. As much as someone may enjoy the great outdoors, I’d venture to guess that not many people want to get their eight hours while laying on dirt, mud and leaves. 

In a clip posted on Instagram, Jennifer experiences a situation that likely every single person alive has experienced. She attempts to pack up a sleeping bag. She wrestles with the unruly sleeping bag, and for most of the video, does not have much luck.

At one point, after several failed attempts to pack up the sleeping bag, she states how she is experiencing a test.

“Oh, why does the Lord test me in these ways?” a frustrated Jennifer says.

Eventually, after several more failed attempts, Jennifer ties back her hair, placing it in a ponytail and removes the sweater she’s wearing. 

She is determined to defeat her nemesis.

“I’m not giving up,” Jennifer says. “I’m not.”

Jennifer’s persistence pays off, and she gets the sleeping bag back into its minuscule container.

“Yes,” she says emphatically and does a celebratory dance.

Jennifer may have won this battle, but sadly, we all know the war between sleeping bags and humans will go on for years to come.

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”

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