Dog's Hilarious Reaction When Owner Shuts Off The Television

Dog's Hilarious Reaction When Owner Shuts Off The Television

The video begins with the husky watching a cartoon while sitting on the couch. The dog seems very interested in the show. She does not want to be disturbed. 

The owner then turns off the TV show and the dog doesn’t move from their spot. For a few seconds, you wonder what she is going to do. Then, she gives her owner a specific look. 

The husky gives her the side-eye as if to say, “I can’t believe you would do such a thing to me. I was watching that!” You can’t help but laugh about this. That side-eye was strong. She really couldn’t believe what the owner did. 

Now the big question is, was the husky really watching TV? Can dogs watch TV like we do? 

According to PetMD, they absolutely can and many enjoy it. They can be interested in the visuals, the motion, and the sounds. 

Even though dogs can watch TV, their eyes are different from human eyes. They see the TV differently than we do. For one thing, their vision is closer to 20/75, so they might want to sit closer to the TV. 

Dogs also only have two types of color-processing cells in their retinas. To compare, humans have three. Dogs can’t see as many colors as we do. They might be more interested in TV if there is blue and yellow on the screen versus if there is a lot of white and red on the screen. 

The next time you think about putting on the TV for the dog, you might as well try it. Just make sure you don’t turn the TV off before they are done watching. They might give you the side eye like this husky did. If that happens, you will probably start to laugh. It is quite funny. 

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