Phil Wickham Encourages Everyone To Share Christ’s Message Of Love And Hope

Phil Wickham Encourages Everyone To Share Christ’s Message Of Love And Hope

One of the most popular and talented people in all of Christian music, Phil Wickham, has advice for those looking to share the message of Jesus Christ.

Witnessing and telling others about Jesus Christ is often a daunting task. This act is made even more terrifying when you aren’t sure what to say or how it may be received. Despite how uneasy this may make some, the Bible states that Christians are to spread the gospel of Christ. 

For those who are unsure of what to say, Phil, in an interview, states that during those times Jesus Christ will supply the words and the message. He will, as He always is, remain by our side, guiding and directing our words.

“The Lord will give you the words at the right time,” Phil said. “What I would say is just, like, come with love and come with joy and come with hope to tell your story about how Jesus has changed your life.”

Later in the clip, Phil adds that Christians cannot be complacent or fearful. The message of Christ is much too important not to share with others.

“You have great news,” Phil said. “And the news is that God loves people, and so you need to share it.”

Christ’s message of love, hope, forgiveness and salvation is one that many people today are looking for. Everyone is searching for hope, something they can believe in and lean on during life’s storms. 

Jesus Christ brought hope into a lost and broken world. He willingly went to the cross, suffering an agonizing death and rose from the grave days later. Christ went through all that for you and me to give us hope and a future.

This message of love and redemption is way too important to conceal. 

Romans 1:16 “For I have no feeling of shame about the good news, because it is the power of God giving salvation to everyone who has faith, to the Jew first, and then to the Greek.”

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