Heroic Police Officer Revives Unresponsive 3-Year-Old Girl

Heroic Police Officer Revives Unresponsive 3-Year-Old Girl

One policeman stepped up in a big way, going above and beyond the call of duty when he saved the life of a young woman who had stopped breathing.

Heroes can and do come from all walks of life. But the individuals most people refer to and think of as heroes are not at all. Big-name star athletes, Hollywood actors or Washington politicians are not the slightest bit heroic. Instead of giving of themselves to others, they are typically acting out of and motivated by selfish ambition. 

However, real heroes usually fly under the radar, choosing not to receive any recognition for their good and selfless deeds. They don’t make the big screen, the Sportscenter highlights reel or the Sunday morning political talk shows. 

But one young man is rightfully getting some recognition for saving the life of a 3-year-old child. In a clip posted on YouTube, body camera footage shows Ohio police officer Soren Osicka rushing to the scene. The video states that the young woman had fallen, hit her head and stopped breathing.   

As the 23-year-old officer reaches the scene and the little girl, the child’s mother is understandably distraught. She wants what every parent would want in that situation: someone to help her little girl. 

Moments after getting to the scene, Officer Osicka frantically starts performing life-saving maneuvers, desperately trying to get the child to start breathing once again. While working on the young woman, the officer tries to coax her into breathing. 

“Come on, sweetie,” Officer Osicka says. “Hang with me, OK?”

The young officer’s efforts are successful, as the video shows. She starts breathing once again. Praise God!

Following his heroic actions, Officer Osicka carries the young woman to an ambulance, giving medical first responders an update on her condition.

“It’s cool, you know, to have less than 6 months on and be able to experience something that’s going to stick with me the rest of my life,” Officer Osicka said in an interview.

Proverbs 20:11 “Even a child may be judged by his doings, if his work is free from sin and if it is right.”

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