Bird's Rendition Of Earth, Wind Fire's 'September' Goes Viral

Bird's Rendition Of Earth, Wind  Fire's 'September' Goes Viral

One bird showed off its musical ability and love for one of Earth, Wind & Fire’s biggest hits, “September,” and its astounding rendition has gone viral.

Everyone has a favorite song. Likely, though, it’s probably more likely a handful of beloved tunes, because selecting just one would be too difficult. Can anyone really select a favorite track from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley?

In addition to a favorite song, some songs seem to get stuck in your head every single time. It doesn’t matter if you hear the entire song or not. Often, just hearing a few notes here and there is enough to get that song lodged in your brain for the rest of the day. 

Without a doubt, one of the catchiest songs of all time is Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.” That tune is so upbeat, energetic, and catchy that you may try to keep yourself from singing or humming along, but we all know that’s a losing battle every time. From the song’s opening notes, you’re hooked. The music, combined with the lyrics, makes it one of the most fun and infectious songs ever.

Apparently, the song “September” is even too much for birds to resist. A clip posted on TikTok of a bird hilariously whistling that familiar tune has gone viral, having been liked and shared millions of times.

The short, 18-second clip begins with the bird standing on top of what appears to be a glass container whistling “September.” However, not only can this bird whistle, but it has moves to go along with it. It moves its head back and forth as it jams out to the song from the 1970s.

About halfway through the clip, the bird’s owner informs the winged creature about the early morning hour. This causes the bird to pause its celebratory mood momentarily, but seconds later, it is back to whistling the timeless tune.

Birds are fascinating and hilarious creatures!

Matthew 6:26 “See the birds of heaven; they do not put seeds in the earth, they do not get in grain or put it in storehouses; and your Father in heaven gives them food. Are you not of much more value than they?”

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