Chihuahua And Postman's Adorable Friendship Captivates Hearts

Chihuahua And Postman's Adorable Friendship Captivates Hearts

A tiny chihuahua and a postman have developed what is likely the cutest and most adorable friendship, which has captivated hearts.

Animals, usually within a few days to a couple of weeks, will develop strong and unbreakable bonds with their owners. Those animals, while they may tolerate and even appreciate others, will still prefer their owners, and that will be readily apparent. As humans do, animals also have favorite people. If you must ask who your pet’s favorite person is, odds are, sadly, that it’s not you. 

While pets tend to select a favorite person, they will also have people they tend to shy away from, choosing instead to hide from this person. When it comes to dogs, it’s been generally accepted that, for whatever reason, those furry, four-legged creatures do not like mailmen.

Hundreds of movies and television shows have depicted this adversarial relationship repeatedly over the years. It’s usually in a comedic fashion, with the mailman often getting bitten and scratched. It must have something to do with dogs being territorial creatures and them fearing someone approaching their yard or house. 

One clip posted on TikTok shows a relationship between a chihuahua named Frannie and Postman Dan, which is the exact opposite of what is usually seen on television and on big screens. These two are the best of friends, having a sweet and loving friendship.

The clip shows Frankie actually sitting next to the door, looking outside and anxiously anticipating the arrival of her buddy. Once Dan pulls up outside her owner’s house, Frannie sprints out the door to greet him.

Dan, spotting his furry little buddy, gently picks up Frannie. Once Dan picks up the small dog, Frannie is a ball of energy, doing everything she can to get to Dan’s face, trying to lick him on the face.

These two are buddies for life!

Proverbs 27:9 “Oil and perfume make glad the heart, and the wise suggestion of a friend is sweet to the soul.”

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