Mike Rowe Celebrates Great Americans Who Risked It All In 'Something To Stand For'

Many will recognize Mike Rowe as the host of the popular TV show, Dirty Jobs, where he toured America covering the dangerous and dirty jobs somebody’s got to do. But in the upcoming film ‘Something To Stand For,’ Mike focuses on the brave souls who put themselves in danger to build and protect our great country.

Attention veterans, history buffs, and fans of inspiring tales! Join Mike Rowe, the legendary host, as he unveils the untold stories of extraordinary American heroes, with a special focus on our brave veterans and combat veterans. Premiering in theaters nationwide starting June 27th, tickets for ‘Something To Stand For’ are on sale and can be purchased at somethingtostandfor.movie.

Are you ready to discover the hidden narratives of the courageous individuals who shaped America? In this captivating journey through history, Mike Rowe pays tribute to the veterans, combat veterans, and unsung American heroes who sacrificed everything for our nation. From the American Revolution to World War II and beyond, Something to Stand For celebrates the unwavering spirit of our veterans and the pivotal moments they played in forging the America we know today.

Inspired by Mike Rowe's popular podcast, The Way I Heard It, this series uncovers mysteries and sheds light on the lesser-known veteran stories of American heroism. Join us as we honor the courage, determination, and unwavering belief in the American dream that our veterans embody.

This incredible and patriotic film from Mike Rowe is one you don’t want to miss. What a wonderful way to celebrate the courage and sacrifices of both well-known and lesser-known veterans through compelling veteran stories.


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