'Because Of The Blood' Live Performance From The Collingsworth Family

'Because Of The Blood' Live Performance From The Collingsworth Family

Listen to this live performance by The Collingsworth Family of the song ‘Because Of The Blood.’

“A thief on the cross, Deserved his sentence, dying for the crimes he had done
Desperate and hopeless with only a prayer left, He turned and asked for mercy from Gods son
As the veil was being torn, thunder submerged, and the power of the blood reached out to him
As Jesus paid the sacrifice, he made a promise today you will be with me in paradise
Because of the Blood he was free that day, death has lost its hold on him
And sins washed away, and he forgave him and changed his destiny
His sins were forgiven, forgotten forever, because of the blood”

What an amazing performance! At the beginning of the video, a full orchestra comes in strong and then the mother of The Collingsworth Family starts to sing the song. The rest of the family members join in song later, and they all sound incredible together!

“I have chills,” someone comments on YouTube after watching the video. “Wow. Hallelujah!”

“This family is so empowered by God!” writes another person online. “They deliver a song so powerfully. I feel like I can almost touch Heaven every time I hear them. They are so blessed with talent from the Lord!”

The Collingsworth Family performed this song live at Liberty University’s Center for Music and Worship Arts. The way that they all worship together on stage as they encourage the audience members is so powerful to watch.

“Since their first engagement together as musicians for a church camp in Petersburg, Michigan in August, 1986 until now, the ministry God has given Phil & Kim Collingsworth has expanded and flourished until it is a full-time livelihood that involves their entire family,” reads the family’s YouTube page. It is clear that the Collingsworth family has used their gifts for decades to bring glory to the Lord!

We hope that you enjoyed watching them sing ‘Because Of The Blood’ today!

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