The Collingsworth Family


'I Owe You Everything' The Collingsworth Family Live Performance - Christian Music Videos

Check out this wonderful live performance of the song ‘I Owe You Everything’ from The Collingsworth Family.

“For the prayers that You have answered, for the mountains You have moved
For the questions You have settled, Lord, it's the least that I can do
To serve You with my whole heart, and though I can't repay
The debt of love I owe You, but I'll try to anyway, I owe You everything
I owe You all of me, my life, my breath, my praise, my worship
I give it as an offering, oh, I could never do enough, in exchange for all You've done
You have made me something out of nothing, I owe You everything”

What an incredible song from a very talented family! The Collingsworth Family is a Southern Gospel group that was started by Phil and Kim Collingsworth and features their family as the group. In this video, Courtney, one of Phil and Kim’s daughters, sings ‘I Owe You Everything’ and does an amazing job with the performance.

“By far, the words are the most important part of this song. And with those words, I truly appreciate Courtney's talent and heart in delivering them,” one person writes on YouTube after watching the music video. “She has been given a gift, and she is a gift to those of us who get to hear her.”

“Yes Lord, I owe you everything! Beautiful, moving song! All glory to God!” comments another person online.

Courtney is performing ‘I Owe You Everything’ at Liberty University's Center For Music And Worship Arts in Lynchburg, VA. A full orchestra joins her on stage, and the whole performance is very moving and impressive. What a way for Courtney to use her talents to bring glory to God!

We hope that you enjoyed watching this music video of ‘I Owe You Everything’ today and it was able to encourage you in some way.