5-Month-Old At Red Sox Game Goes Viral as 'Fenway Baby'

Check out this cute story of a 5-month-old going viral as the “Fenway Baby” at a recent Red Sox game.

“There were a lot of home runs last night, but it is entirely possible that it was the youngest fan inside Fenway Park that stole the show,” says one of the reports that shared this story.

Kaitlyn and Antonio Cali are new parents and baseball lovers. This was not the first Red Sox game that they took their 5-month-old son named Giovanni to, but it was certainly the most memorable! So much so that the baby earned a new nickname!

“We had a great group of people behind us. They were super nice,” said Antonio. “Right around the 4th inning, they started chanting ‘We want the baby.’”

Kaitlyn, Giovanni’s mom, continued: “We just help him up, like ‘Hey! Here’s my cute baby! We’re dancing!’ And they showed him on the Jumbotron and the whole entire stadium was like ‘Yeah!’”

The crowd at the stadium went wild when they saw baby Gio up on the Jumbotron, and their cheers even grabbed the attention of some of the players on the field!

The people just couldn’t get enough of the cute baby and kept chanting for more.

“They did it like four or five times, and the place was just going wild for him,” Kaitlyn said while laughing.

Videos of Giovanni from the baseball game ended up going viral online, and he is now known as the “Fenway Baby.” Bet these new parents didn’t expect this to happen on their family outing!

What a fun story, and how wonderful it is to see these parents exposing their child to a game that they love so much. The fans in the stadium clearly loved seeing baby Gio, and what a great memory for this family to hold onto!
Source: CBS Boston

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