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Deer Stands Nearby And Listens As Man Reads Shakespeare

Deer Stands Nearby And Listens As Man Reads Shakespeare

A hilarious video shows that one wild animal is clearly a fan of William Shakespeare’s writing.

Animals are interesting and unique creatures placed on Earth by the same Go  who put the sun, moon and stars in their spot. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that each animal is different. They have their own personality and set of likes and dislikes.

A clip posted on YouTube shows that one deer has an affinity for the writings of William Shakespeare. The video shows the man standing in front of the camera while a white-tailed deer stands just a few behind him. 

But before the man gets into his reading, he asks the wild animal a question, to which the deer hilariously responds.

“How you doing today?” the man asks the animal.

A few seconds later, the deer, looking in the man’s direction, slams one of its feet down and lets out a loud sigh. 

From the deer’s response, the man picks up on the animal’s mood.

“Bossy,” he says. “Ok, I’ll read for you.”

The deer then takes a step forward, which causes the man to reconsider reading one of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

“Yes or no?” he asks the animal. “Ok, fine, I’ll read for you.”

He then gets into the selected reading, with the deer behind him, listening silently. 

But seconds into the reading, the animal sighs again, signaling what sounds like possible annoyance. Maybe the animal is not pleased with how he’s reading it, or perhaps the speed at which he’s reading? 

The animal sighs again, which causes the man to look back and respond to the deer, saying, “Give me a second.”

After completing his reading, the man looks back at his wildlife audience member and asks for feedback.

“Was I good?” the man asks the Shakespeare-loving deer.

Hilariously, the animal dips its head up and down, giving him what appears to be a “yes.”

No two animals are exactly alike, as the video hilariously shows. Some deer like Shakespeare, while others may be into more modern pieces of literature. 

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”

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