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8-Year-Old Dog Walks Like A Human On 2 Legs

8-Year-Old Dog Walks Like A Human On 2 Legs

One dog, involved in a horrible accident as a puppy, has adjusted and now walks upright, on his back legs like a human being.

Animals are amazing creatures. Dogs and cats are loving, loyal and dependable beings. They make wonderful friends and companions. They are also some of the most resilient creatures, able to keep going and persevere whenever they encounter hardship and trials.

A clip posted on YouTube shows an example of one dog who refused to give up when doing so would have been much easier. Dexter, an 8-year-old Brittany, walks on his hind legs everywhere, much like a human being.

As a puppy, Dexter got out, resulting in an accident that led to the animal learning a new and unique way to travel from Point A to Point B. 

“A moving van had slowed way down, but he ran right in front of the moving van,” Kentee Pasek, Dexter’s owner, recalled. “His legs kind of got caught. We were lucky because it was just his front legs.”

Dexter went to the vet, where he underwent surgery and later returned home to recuperate from the incident. 

But one morning, as Kentee was preparing her morning coffee, something happened that caught her off guard. 

“I carried him down. I had coffee pre-made,” Kentee said. “I went and got my coffee mug so I could drink coffee outside. And I came back out, and he was up on the porch.”

She was baffled and puzzled how the dog, who refused to put much weight on his remaining front leg, reached the porch. 

Kentee says the first time she witnessed Dexter walk upright, she responded, exclaiming, “Oh my gosh, dog!”

Dexter, the dog who walks like a human, has regular vet appointments and is healthy. There are no issues with his spine or his back legs. 

Kentee believes there is a lot everyone could learn from Dexter.

“Why are we not going for those things that we think are impossible?” she asks. “It’s impossible for a dog to walk upright, right? But why aren’t we doing that? And I think Dexter proves you can do anything.”

Matthew 19:26 “And Jesus, looking at them said, ‘With men, this is not possible; but with God, all things are possible.’”

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