World’s Cutest Criminal Caught Sneaking Into Neighbor’s Pool

World’s Cutest Criminal Caught Sneaking Into Neighbor’s Pool

One cute, furry and four-legged criminal did a terrible job concealing his crime, which was all caught on tape. 

Animals are sources of friendship and companionship. They are loyal and faithful creatures, always there no matter the circumstances or situation. And as anyone who has ever had a pet knows, animals are also often a wellspring of laughs and entertainment. Their sweet, unique personalities and mischievous antics can cause even the most even-keeled person to laugh hysterically.

New Jersey resident Erin Farley is well familiar with the hilariousness of animals. Her dog, Zeppole, is a criminal and likely the worst one in the world. But his criminality, which was pulled off in broad daylight and caught on camera, is still good enough for a few laughs.

In the clip posted to YouTube, Zeppole’s breaking and entering maneuver was caught on camera. Erin’s neighbors have a pool in their backyard and Zeppole enjoys the water so much that he decided to help himself to a swim.

The camera shows the dog climbing up on a container near a fence and hopping over the steel barrier. Once it gets into the neighbor’s yard, it jumps into the pool for a swim. 

But when Erin went to wrangle 1-year-old Zeppole from the pool, the animal was not having any of it. The animal completely refused to cooperate. 

Erin would pool and tug on the dog’s collar, trying to get Zeppole out of the water, but the dog held firm, not moving an inch. When Erin took a different approach, ordering Zeppole out of the pool, the dog would jump right back in and continue swimming. 

Zeppole’s criminal behavior began after Erin took the dog into her neighbor’s pool, with permission, of course. But Zeppole decided that he wanted more time in the water. 

Erin’s neighbors got a kick out of their furry intruder.

“Yes, I did show the neighbors,” Erin said. “And they think it’s so funny and so adorable.”

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

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