‘Christmas Hits Different’ Emotional Song From TobyMac And Tasha Layton

‘Christmas Hits Different’ Emotional Song From TobyMac And Tasha Layton

One of the biggest names in the Christian music scene, TobyMac, joined by Tasha Layton, performs a heartfelt and moving song about assisting, helping those struggling, and just trying to hold on during the Christmas season.

The Christmas season is the best time of the entire year. That’s a statement that’s likely to receive nearly universal agreement. However, while Christmas is generally a joyous occasion spent with friends and family opening gifts and sharing meals, others may have a totally different experience and thoughts on the holiday. 

For people who have experienced the loss of a loved one or a job, Christmas can serve as a painful reminder. All the joy, happiness and gifts surrounding the holiday season may even drive some into a dark, depression-like state. TobyMac and Tasha Layton, with their song “Christmas Hits Different,” show they understand how Christmas can be difficult for some people. 

“If Christmas hits different this year
You don’t have to smile; I know how you feel
If Christmas hits different this year
I’ll be right here; I’ll be right here”

The world is a lost and fallen place filled with broken and hurting people. Many struggle to hold things together, and a kind word or warm hug could make a ton of difference.

Christmas is the season when family and friends come together, celebrate and often exchange gifts. Some people may have an item on their wish list and desperately hope Santa fulfills that request. For others, people who have undergone a recent loss or experienced a rough patch in life lately, the best gift is often free. 

A smile, a hug, a hearty pat on the back or an end to bend may be all someone wants and desires this Christmas.

Kindness, like every other time throughout the year, could be a life changer for someone hurting and struggling. 

Ephesians 4:32 “And be kind to one another, full of pity, having forgiveness for one another, even as God in Christ had forgiveness for you.”

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