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Teen Hits The High Notes And All The Judges Turn For ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Blind Audition

Teen Hits The High Notes And All The Judges Turn For ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Blind Audition

A young woman showed off her stunningly powerful voice during her blind audition on The Voice, causing all four judges to flip their chairs around for her.

Auditioning for shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent and The Voice takes courage and guts. Those individuals put themselves and their talent on display in front of the world to be judged. Sometimes, the criticism can be harsh and hard to hear. However, other times, the contestant blows the judges, the studio audience and those watching at home away with their incredible God-given gifts.

One young woman, Eline, did just that when she stepped on stage for her blind audition on The Voice Kids Belgium. Auditioning and impressing the judges is already difficult but Eline raised the stakes even further. She auditioned with Celine Dion’s most recognizable and beloved song, “My Heart Will Go On.”

Celine has an astounding voice, able to reach, hit and hold notes that most singers cannot sing. Her voice is one of a kind and always hard to replicate, no matter the song. But Eline had no fear at all.

She stepped on stage and began belting out the memorable lyrics to the lovely tune. The young woman appears to be a little nervous, but when she hits one of the track’s first high notes, three judges simultaneously flip their chairs around for her. 

Moments later, Eline hits another high note during the song’s chorus, causing the remaining judge to turn his chair. The young woman did what many are unable to do on The Voice – impress all four judges!

But as she continues to sing, Eline’s performance only gets better and better. It’s apparent to anyone who watches the clip that her confidence grows considerably after the judges flip their chairs. 

After her audition, during her back-and-forth with the judges, Eline reveals that she is only 12 years old! 

The judges showered the young woman with compliments, with one calling her unbelievable voice “a gift of God.”

Psalm 95:1 “O come, let us make songs to the Lord; sending up glad voices to the Rock of our salvation.”

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