Beautiful Bird Enjoys Shopping Outing With Owner

Beautiful Bird Enjoys Shopping Outing With Owner

A brightly-colored and beautiful winged creature enjoyed some quality time with its owner in a store during a shopping outing.

Anyone who does or has ever had the privilege of owning a pet understands those animals are near and dear to our hearts. Because of their cute, funny personalities and quirks, they quickly become family members. Celebrating any holiday or special occasion without them present can feel hollow and empty. 

Some people may even feel odd doing everyday activities without their pets by their side. One clip posted on YouTube shows one man out on a shopping trip, pushing around a cart. But instead of completing the task by himself, he has a friend by his side.

The short, minute-and-a-half clip begins with the beautiful bird sitting calmly on the cart’s handle as the man pushes the cart through the store. 

Surprisingly, the animal does make a sound or draw attention to itself. Instead, it quietly gazes at the store’s many displays as it takes in its new and unfamiliar surroundings. 

About 30 seconds into the video, the man pushing the cart and behind the camera makes a statement.

“We need some tennis balls for the dog, my friend,” the man says to the bird.

The animal, appearing to be in wholehearted agreement with its owner, lets out a short, low shriek. 

The man soon after spots a set of tennis balls and comments on the price of the items, calling it “a deal.” Once again, the bird also seems to agree, believing that $2.99 is a fair price for tennis balls.

Eventually, as the shopping trip nears its end, the bird doesn’t seem ready to leave. It begins lightly biting on its owner’s fingers. At one point, the macaw even seems to let out a chuckle near the 1:25-minute mark of the clip.

Besides the fact that a man brought a bird into a store, the craziest thing about the entire clip is that no one else in the store reacted to the strange sight. 

Matthew 6:26 “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much better than they?”

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