Social Media Plea Helps Reunite Couple With Lost Wedding Ring

Social Media Plea Helps Reunite Couple With Lost Wedding Ring

Against all odds, one couple’s social media plea helped them become reunited with a lost wedding ring! 

There’s a needle in a haystack, and then there’s a family ring in the Atlantic Ocean. Most would feel more hopeful with the hay!

Francesca and Austin Teal were tossing a football on North Beach in Hampton, New Hampshire, when Francesca’s wedding ring escaped her finger just as her hand made contact with the football. “I put my hand out, the football hit my hand in the perfect way that my ring popped right off and fell into the ocean,” said Francesca. 

What had been a beautiful day turned gloomy very quickly! Can you imagine the panic?  

Austin immediately realized what had happened, and the two frantically began searching. But, after a few hours, and with the enormity of the task sinking in, Francesca decided to turn to Facebook. 

With a desperate post and a photo of the double ring—two had been soldered together—Francesca sought help. Francesca provided all the details of the tide and their location, along with the very important fact that the ring was a family heirloom, having passed down for three generations. 

With that, treasure hunter Lou Asci, metal detector in hand, headed to North Beach and started searching! Lou spent two full days scanning the area without any luck. “The first two days that I was here and had to drive home after not getting it was extremely disappointing,” Asci said. 

With utter determination, Lou canvassed the shore a third day. That was the day! Lou found the gem, confirmed with a text to Francesca that it was truly the one, and closed the case!

Francesca and Austin were in delighted disbelief! Lou had found their family treasure! No doubt, Francesca has strategies for making sure this doesn’t happen again. Perhaps, there is a sizing planned or a pair of gloves designated just for beach sports? 

In any case, they are extremely grateful to Lou! Sometimes, one person can do what seems undoable. Thankfully, there are people who step up in those very times! They might be the real jewels! 

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field” Matthew 13:44

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