'The Goodness' TobyMac And Blessing Offor Live Performance

'The Goodness' TobyMac And Blessing Offor Live Performance

Check out this wonderful live performance of TobyMac and Blessing Offor singing their new song ‘The Goodness.’

“You made the rain, so, when it falls on me, should I complain?
Or feel You're calling me, it's all on me to stay and really catch what You're showing
It's my roots that You're growing, 'cause life is more than this moment
You are the light so, when the darkness falls, the greatest heights, they never seem so tall
No, not at all, You're right, it's my roots that You're growing, don't wanna miss
What You're showing, ain't no doubt about You, everywhere that I go
You keep showing up Lord, You make me wanna shout it, oh You're the goodness in my life”

What an incredible song full of so much joy and truth! During the performance of ‘The Goodness,’ TobyMac and Blessing Offor are singing together on stage at the 53rd GMA Dove Awards while Blessing is also playing the piano. Then a large group of people join them onstage and start singing and dancing – it is a huge party praising God for his goodness and faithfulness!

Before the performance, Toby Mac shared a message with the audience. “Before we get started, I just wanted to take a second to say thank you. Thank you for the kindness that you showed me and my family as we walked through the deepest valley of losing my firstborn son. Thank you for your thoughts, thank you for your prayers. Through it all we have absolutely felt surrounded by love, and that my friends, is what the body of Christ should feel like, so thank you,” he shared.

“There were times that I thought I’d never write another song. Much less a song that up tempo or a song that felt like joy. But all I can tell you is I’ve learned that our God is kind, He’s good. He might not always give us what we want or take away the pain, but He is right there in it with us. I’ve learned that. He doesn’t leave. He remains.”

Such a powerful message. May this song and Toby’s words remind you today of the goodness of God.

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