'Plead The Blood' Cody Carnes Acoustic Performance

'Plead The Blood' Cody Carnes Acoustic Performance

Check out this wonderful acoustic performance by Cody Carnes of the song ‘Plead The Blood.’

“Here and now I draw a boundary, against every weapon that’s formed, the thief and his plans
Will pass over when he sees the red on the door, I plead the blood, the enemy
Can’t take my family cause this home belongs to the Lord, so I’m not afraid to remind him
That he has no claim in this war, I plead the blood, I plead the blood of Jesus”

What a great song and acoustic performance from Cody Carnes! ‘Plead The Blood’ shares the hopeful message of freedom from condemnation, and also brings in the classic hymn ‘Nothing But The Blood’ that shares the same sentiment. Similar to the old hymn, ‘Plead The Blood’ recognizes that in Christ’s blood, “my freedom’s been purchased in full.”

The song ‘Plead The Blood’ was written by Chris Davenport, Cody Carnes, and Brandon Lake, along with Pat Barrett and Alexander Pappas. And Chris Davenport shared what the team imagined when they were creating the song.

"When we wrote 'Plead The Blood,' we imagined a song that could serve as a spiritual applicator for Christians everywhere, a song that confesses the blood of Jesus over every area and circumstance in our lives," Chris said. "So, wherever you hear it, my prayer is that it reminds you of the most powerful defense, the most assured claim that you can wield – the blood of Jesus."

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this beautiful acoustic performance by Cody Carnes of the song ‘Plead The Blood’ today. May it bring you hope and encouragement!

Matthew 26:28
This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

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