'Bye Mom' Heartbreaking Country Song From Chris Janson

'Bye Mom' Heartbreaking Country Song From Chris Janson

If you love your mom, you’ll want to listen to ‘Bye Mom,’ a heartbreaking country song from Chris Janson. 

Chris initially wrote ‘Bye Mom’ with his close friend and fellow songwriter Brandon Kinney who was processing the loss of his own mother. Chris watched what Brandon was going through as he faced one of life’s most challenging moments when he said goodbye to his mama. 

It’s not easy to lose a parent no matter how old you are. Even when we’re grown up and in our 30s, 40s, or 50s. We want our parents to be just a phone call away–especially mom. She knows how to make everything feel okay. Thank God we can rest in the knowledge that it’s only goodbye for a little while until we are reunited in heaven. 

In this tender music video, ‘Bye Mom’ follows the story of a mother and child over the different milestones and stages of life. Especially the moment when the mother passes away, leaving the child to mourn at the grave. The video shows how we say ‘Bye mom’ for the first time at the bus stop, when we learn to drive, and when we graduate high school and move away. 

You might want to grab a tissue or two. The lyrics and the video are an incredible reminder of how much mothers mean to us. 

‘Bye Mom’ is also a powerful reminder of the unconditional love we’re given the moment we are placed in our mother’s arms and how that love stays with us over our lifetimes. It’s one of God’s greatest gifts–to experience a mother’s love. I can’t think how incredibly blessed we are to have a mother. May this song remind you of your mother’s love. Make sure to listen to Chris Janson’s “Bye Mom” by playing the video below.

"As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you,” Isaiah 66:13.

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