Neil Salsich Earns 4-Chair Turn With Bluesy Take On Hank Williams Song

Neil Salsich Earns 4-Chair Turn With Bluesy Take On Hank Williams Song

One young man turned in a literal head-turning performance with a classic country song on a popular television program. 

Hank Williams is a name synonymous with country music. He produced several iconic and beloved songs. Neil Salsich, during the blind auditions on The Voice, took the classic song “Honky Tonk Blues” in a different direction, giving it a bluesy sound and feel. 

Neil’s unique take, guitar-playing and beautiful vocal performance won the show’s judges over rather quickly. All four judges – Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan – turned their chairs around for the young man.

However, it was no surprise that of the four judges, country music superstar Blake Shelton was the first person to turn around for Neil. 

The studio audience also loved Neil’s performance. Everyone was on their feet applauding his version of the classic song from Hank Williams.

Following his performance, Kelly showered the 34-year-old musician in praise.

“Your vibe is so cool, man,” Kelly said. “It’s like old-school country. Your falsetto is incredible, but you also maintain this, like throaty, like raspiness that’s really cool.” 

While Kelly loved Neil’s sound, he was unable to select her as his coach. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to be a member of her team either. Instead, the “Miss Independent” singer was blocked by Blake, although he said he had no memory of doing so. 

The three other judges also mentioned how much they loved Neil’s voice. Additionally, each made their case for why Neil should join them.

Chance the Rapper, in his pitch to Neil, stated that while their musical genres may be very different, it would still be fun to take a talented country-blues artist away from Blake.

Ultimately, though, Neil did decide to go with the show’s country musician, Blake. 

Neil, with his abundance of God-given musical talent, is likely to go very far in the competition. 

Psalm 9:2 “I will be glad and rejoice in you: I will sing praise to your name, O you most High.”

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