I Surrender’ Tasha Cobbs Leonard Live Performance

I Surrender’ Tasha Cobbs Leonard Live Performance

Listen to Tasha Cobbs Leonard perform “I Surrender”.

One talented musician sang about taking a massive step in her walk and relationship with God.

Faith is a big component of following the Lord and adhering to His words and teachings, which are littered throughout the Bible. Faith requires listening to God’s calling and acting, stepping out in obedience, even when the road ahead is unclear. 

Many central figures mentioned in God’s Word were called at crucial times in their life to trust and obey God. However, to fully live by and trust in God’s will and desire for their life, they had to give up everything. Essentially, they had to surrender all their fears and rely upon God to see them through when situations seemed murky. 

In the song “I surrender” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard, the talented vocalist sings about this kind of faith. 

The opening lyrics to the song make it abundantly clear that taking this massive leap of faith is not easy. Many are obviously and understandably apprehensive about doing so. People often hold onto things that can keep them from making such a move, including financial or employment worries or even past hurts or heartaches.

However, the second verse states the singer temporarily forgot that God is bigger than all her problems or fears. She sings she knows that if she places her trust and has faith in Him, He will work it out for her good.

The song’s simple yet effective chorus states that despite everything, all her fears and worries, she is giving God all control of her life. She is surrendering it all, she sings.

The third verse adds that in giving up and surrendering her all to God, she has gained something much more valuable. She has found “freedom in letting go.”

Surrendering to God’s will for our life is often easier said than done. It requires a ton of faith to hand over everything to Him, to surrender it all. But He has a plan. He will work it out, as the song mentions.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”

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