‘Cornerstone’ TobyMac Worship Performance

‘Cornerstone’ TobyMac Worship Performance

Listen to “Cornerstone” by TobyMac.

A big name in Christian music sings about leaning on Christ during life’s many storms.

Life is an unexpected journey, often filled with hurt, heartache and struggles. No one knows what will happen from one minute to the next. However, there is One who is ever faithful, keeping His hand of protection and guidance upon those who love and follow Him.

In the song “Cornerstone,” TobyMac is joined by Zach Williams as they sing about life’s many changes and detours. No matter what happens, despite all the external circumstances that may bring temporary joy or pain, Jesus Christ is the one constant that can be counted on to remain.

In one of the song’s opening verses, the musicians sing about the faithfulness of Christ. He always remains close, especially during those cold and dark nights that are filled with uncertainty.

The song’s chorus beautifully reiterates how faithful Christ is to those who call upon His name. Everything else in our world may be changing, but He, as His Word states, will never leave or forsake us in our time of need.

“Seasons come, and seasons go
They take me high, then leave me low
But I’m standing on the only rock I know
You’re my cornerstone”

Additionally, the song mentions that despite even turning over their lives to Christ, people still struggle with sin and shame. No one is perfect, people make mistakes and need to ask for forgiveness. Once again, during these episodes of weakness, Christ is still the solid rock to stand on. 

The song’s point, like Christ’s parable from Matthew chapter 7, is that Christ and His teaching are the solid, firm foundation. Building a foundation on anything else is foolishness. All other ground is nothing more than sinking sand, which will be washed away during life’s many storms. 

Christ is the cornerstone! 

Psalm 118:22 “The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner.”

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