Selfless Organ Donors Share Emotional Reunion With Lives They Saved

Selfless Organ Donors Share Emotional Reunion With Lives They Saved

One couple, who had experienced a devastating and tragic loss, stepped up and changed the lives of others.

Loss, hurt and heartache impact everyone at one time or another. Unfortunately, no one will be able to escape this life unscathed. Sadly, pain is inevitable. However, Mark and Lynn Scotch, who lost their young son many years ago, literally donated a part of themselves to keep others from experiencing pain and loss.

Mark and Lynn’s life-saving kidney donations started in a Louisiana bar. While in the establishment, Mark struck up a conversation with another gentleman: Hugh Smith. 

They became fast friends, but as the video posted on YouTube points out, Hugh had to cut the conversation short. It was time for Hugh to undergo his dialysis treatment. 

Hugh needed a kidney. It was then that Mark made a startling offer. Mark told Hugh he’d give him one of his.

“I never really expected to hear from Mark again,” Hugh admits.

But Mark got to work, researching how to donate a kidney. He then learned of a voucher program through the National Kidney Registry. 

Mark donated a kidney, which went to the person who was the best match. Then Hugh received a voucher, due to Mark’s donation, which moved him up the long waitlist. Hugh then soon received a much-needed kidney. 

However, that is not the whole  story!

Lynn, Mark’s wife, moved by her husband’s selfless and loving act, began looking into kidney donation also. She soon came across a young child, Cooper, in desperate need of a kidney. 

Lynn, who also went through the kidney voucher program, gave her voucher to Cooper and his family. The young boy, who had been on dialysis since he was 8 months old, received a new kidney!

On Today, Mark and Lynn were reunited with Hugh, Cooper and his family. There was not a dry eye in the entire room.

“Honestly, it was all surreal,” Hugh said. “I really couldn’t believe that it was happening. So, what Mark did made me certainly believe that there is such things as Godsends. And he is definitely mine.”

John 15:13 “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

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