Dance Crew Earns Golden Buzzer From All The Judges After Epic Routine

Dance Crew Earns Golden Buzzer From All The Judges After Epic Routine

A group of dancers pulled off a stunning routine, winning over the studio audience and earning a Golden Buzzer. 

Dance is an art form that requires hours of unceasing dedication, practice and patience. That necessary investment of time, sweat, blood and tears grows exponentially when more people are added to a dance group. Moving as one, in sync and on time, is no doubt a difficult task, but it’s a beautiful sight when done right.

The Cast, a dance troupe from Quebec, took the stage on Canada’s Got Talent and showed the judges and the studio audience their impressive, highly choreographed moves. 

But prior to their routine, the judges were a bit taken aback by the dance troupe’s outfits. They all wore sweater vests and khakis and had their hair and eyebrows done in a way to age them. It was a confusing look for sure, but they attempted to explain their choice of costumes.

“We’re dressed like this, like, we imagine ourselves still dancing together once we’re Howie’s age,” one group member says.

After their joke at Howie’s expense, the group kicked things off, slowly and collectively moving as one. But as the music picks up, the dancers break out into frenzied but awe-inspiring and dazzling moves.

In keeping with their costumes and look, several group members even incorporate canes and wheelchairs into their performance. Flips, twists and turns abound throughout their impressive and Golden Buzzer-winning performance.

It is clear early that the audience is digging the dance routine. The camera catches several members of the audience who have stood up and decided to join along as best as they can. 

After the conclusion of the routine, the studio audience makes their feelings known to the judges. They absolutely loved it. They even begin chanting, “Press that gold, imploring the judges to give them a Golden Buzzer.

All four judges and the program's host give into the audience's wishes and collectively slam the coveted Golden Buzzer. Confetti rains down from the ceiling, sending members of The Cast into a state of euphoria. 

The dance group from Quebec was certainly deserving of such an honor!

Psalm 149:3 “Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises to him with the tambourine and harp.”

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