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13-Year-Old Hero Saves Sister From Attempted Kidnapper With Slingshot

13-Year-Old Hero Saves Sister From Attempted Kidnapper With Slingshot

A teenager in Michigan successfully protected his younger sister from a potentially horrible situation without even throwing a punch or firing a gun.

The world is often a dark, dangerous and deadly place. Headlines and stories fill entire websites and news broadcasts about sick and deranged individuals shooting, killing and harming others. There are individuals who seek to inflict suffering and pain on innocent people, even little children.

One young man, 13-year-old Owen Burns, sprang into action when he witnessed someone trying to abduct his 8-year-old sister in a wooded area behind their house, according to a video posted on YouTube. But instead of firing a gun or using his fists, Owen went the David versus Goliath route. He used a slingshot.

“He shot with a marble one time, and then it was with a rock the second time,” said Lt. Derrick Carroll, a member of the Michigan State Police. “Both shots striking the suspect, once in the forehead, once in the chest. He took off running through the woods.”

Owen’s mother, Margaret Burns, said that her son successfully hit the suspect from a great distance: 200 feet. 

Margaret was grateful for her teenager’s heroic, David-like actions. 

“Just happy we were able to celebrate her eighth birthday that Saturday after,” she said. “I mean, we could have been celebrating a funeral.”

Thank God Owen was paying attention at that time, sprang into action and had the presence of mind to use what is commonly thought of as a child’s toy to protect his sister. 

Much like David in 1 Samuel, Owen used a rock and slingshot to take down and defeat the enemy. 

1 Samuel 17:49 “David put his hand in his bag, took a stone, and slung it, and struck the Philistine in his forehead; and the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the earth.”

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