'Sunday's Comin' Zach Williams Live Studio Performance

'Sunday's Comin' Zach Williams Live Studio Performance

Listen to this live studio performance of the song ‘Sunday’s Comin’’ by Zach Williams.

“When your week feels like a beat down, and you can’t tell the night from day
And you’re tired of fighting battles, when all you feel is pain, oh, it’s a heavy weight 
There’s hope on the horizon ‘cause the cross was not the end. Let joy come in the morning
Child lift your head, don’t you give up yet, keep on holdin’ on there’s gonna be a breakthrough”

What a great song written by Zach Williams, Ethan Hulse, and Nick Schwarzwhere. In the lyrics of the song, Zach Williams uses Christ’s death on the cross and his resurrection on Sunday to inspire and uplift listeners who may be enduring hardships. And in the song’s chorus, the lyrics remind us that Christ is always faithful and remains by our side.

In ‘Sunday’s Comin’,’ “Friday” refers to Good Friday, the day that seemed the darkest because Jesus, the promised Savior, had been killed. But God had a plan all along. Three days later, Resurrection Sunday happened, the day that Jesus rose from the dead, fulfilling the plan of God to make a way for everyone who would believe in Him to be saved from their sins and become a friend of God. And that same victorious Savior can help you in whatever trial you’re facing today.

“You’ve done it again Zach! Another beautiful song with such truthful meaning!” writes one person online after watching the music video.

“There is no better way to start your day than to be uplifted and encouraged by such a beautiful song. Thank you Zach, God bless,” comments another person.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Sunday’s Comin’’ by Zach Williams today. And remember, that even though we will face trials and sorrows, we can take heart because He has overcome the world.

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