Cat And Baby Act Like Twins

Cat And Baby Act Like Twins

Prepare to melt as a cat and a baby act like twins in this delightful video. 

Wilbur became the pawfect best friend to his human brother Charlie. Wherever Charlie is, it’s a safe bet Wilbur is right by his side. It doesn’t matter if it’s lunchtime, nap time, or playtime. They are the best of friends. Amanda, Charlie’s mom, truly wonders if Wilbur thinks he’s a baby rather than a cat. 

Wilbur expects to have the last bite of baby food when Charlie is getting his meals. In fact, Wilbur loves baby food so much Amanda had to childproof the house early because Wilbur was raiding the cupboards in search of smashed peas and carrots. 

As if that isn’t enough to make your heart melt, wait until you watch a clip of Wilbur cuddling and napping with an Elmo toy that he claimed for his own. Charlie’s sweet grandmother had gotten a stuffed Elmo for Charlie. But once Wilbur laid paws on the furry character, he claimed it has his own. That’s okay. Charlie doesn’t seem to mind and prefers to play in his bouncer with Wilbur, batting at the toys too. 

Amanda says she couldn’t help but capture the special and precious interactions between Charlie and Wilbur because they seem to have a brotherly dynamic she has never seen before. We know cats love to be around their human family members. 

But I imagine most cats would stray away from babies and toddlers. They tend to be loud, drool, and make a lot of noise. Wilbur not only doesn’t mind it, he follows Charlie everywhere he goes. Although I wonder if Wilbur is willing to get in the tub right along with Charlie during bath time. 

You will love this delightfully sweet and humorous video as you watch the brotherhood unfold between a precious baby boy and a striped orange and white cat. Thank God we’ve been given friends in the form of four legs, fur coats, and whiskers. 

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