14-Year-Old British Singer Puts Unique Spin On ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’

14-Year-Old British Singer Puts Unique Spin On ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’

A talented young man took a beloved song from the late John Denver and gave an inspiring and enjoyable cover of “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Thousands of songs have received the cover treatment at one time or another. Covering and performing songs from other artists is a way to pay tribute to those classic tunes. Of course, like every other song throughout music history, not all covers are made equal. Surprisingly, a tiny percentage of covers actually turn out to be better than the original version. However, there are others that probably should not have ever been made. 

In a video posted on YouTube, Cormac Thompson, a 14-year-old British singer, took a shot and decided to tackle a classic from John Denver, the country song “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” Even those who aren’t country music fans or don’t know John Denver’s complete body of work likely have a passing familiarity with this song. To say the young man was taking on a tall task would be a severe understatement.

However, Cormac absolutely nails the beloved hit from the late singer-songwriter. It’s a beautiful, delightful and pleasant version. It’s one that won’t make you regret ever having heard it. Instead, even the most ardent fans of the original version will likely enjoy Cormac’s version. 

“Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, Mountain Mama
Take me home, country roads”

While Cormac does not change a lot, or really anything, with his cover of “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” he doesn’t necessarily have to do much to put his own spin on it, make it his own. 

Cormac’s voice, sound and tone are much different from the original version. The young man simply singing the song is enough to help distinguish it from the one first sung by John Denver. 

This British lad’s take on the John Denver classic is more than worthy of a few listens. 

Psalm 95:1 “O come, let us make songs to the Lord; sending up glad voices to the Rock of our salvation.”

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