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Good Morning Mercy’ Jason Crabb and Dylan Scott Sing Country Gospel Duet

Good Morning Mercy’ Jason Crabb and Dylan Scott Sing Country Gospel Duet

Two incredibly talented singers gave an outstanding performance while singing about God’s unbelievable and awe-inspiring mercy and grace.

All, according to the Bible, have sinned and fallen well short of the glory of God. There is nothing that anyone can do to earn salvation. It’s simply not possible for a human being to do enough to obtain everlasting life. But because of God’s love, mercy and grace, He made a way. He sent His Son as a sacrifice, taking our place on the cross.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Jason Crabb and Dylan Scott sing “Good Morning Mercy.” Of course, as the song’s title implies, it’s about the Lord’s astounding mercy and the grace that He consistently shows to those who love and follow Him.

The tune’s opening verse states that even after we have confessed our sins and turned our lives over to Him, humans still tend to make a mess of things. Even in those instances, Christ is still at work, guiding and directing, while He works to make something beautiful out of a mess we’ve created.

But it’s the song’s chorus that really drives home the point of how fantastic and amazing God’s mercy and grace are to a bunch of sinners.

“Goodbye to the hurting
You woke me up put me on my way
Hallelujah it’s a brand new day
Good morning mercy”

Additionally, as any Christian knows, being saved is only the beginning of a walk with the Lord. He is constantly teaching, molding and refining, working to shape us into the person He wants us to be. The second verse points out the fact that Christians are not perfect. There is still learning taking place, and as this happens, Christians will trust and follow the Lord more and more. Because, as the song states, He has tomorrow, the future, in His hands.

What a powerful performance from a couple of talented individuals singing about God’s amazing mercy and life-changing grace!

Matthew 9:13 “But go and take to heart the sense of these words, ‘My desire is for mercy, not offerings: for I have come not to get the upright, but sinners.”’

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