'Good News' Acoustic Performance From Bryan And Katie Torwalt

'Good News' Acoustic Performance From Bryan And Katie Torwalt

Listen to this wonderful acoustic performance by Bryan and Katie Torwalt of their song ‘Good News.’

“Line by line it was written, hope in every sentence, He was good start to finish
Yes, He was, the words that usher His presence, and tell of the glories of heaven
The earth that still shakes at the mention, yes, it does
I got good news for the broken, for the hurting, He came for you
In your hoping, in your searching, one thing remains true
Jesus is still our Good News”

What an amazing song and one that set the theme for Bryan and Katie Torwalt’s new album. There is so much scripture and so much about Jesus in the songs on their new album, and ‘Good News’ is no exception.

Katie Torwalt shared in an interview a little about the song and how it came to be.

“It took us so long to write this,” she said. “We knew we needed a song about the Good News today, and what it would look like for us today. We really got lost in the Gospels these last couple years. During the pandemic, we were just eating up the Gospels.”

Then she goes on to talk about how they were inspired by Mary realizing that Jesus was alive when he called her name at the tomb. And her recognizing that she no longer had to grieve because there was good news that she had to share with the world.

“That was the kind of good news that we were trying to depict and share through these songs,” Katie said.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Good News’ by Bryan and Katie Torwalt and the song was able to bring you encouragement and joy!

John 20: 17-18
17 Jesus said, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’” 18 Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: “I have seen the Lord!” And she told them that he had said these things to her.

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