'Wild Mountain Thyme' Moving Celtic Woman Performance

'Wild Mountain Thyme' Moving Celtic Woman Performance

Listen to the moving performance of ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ by Celtic Woman — the beautiful scenery makes it even better!

Celtic Woman’s most recent album, ‘Postcards from Ireland’ came out recently and has a bunch of beautifully Celtic tunes like ‘Wild Mountain Thyme.’ The four talented women currently in the group are Chloe Agnew, Megan Walsh, Muirgen O’Mahony, and Tara McNeill.

The group first performed in 2005 and has included some of the most well-known Irish singers over time. They’ve performed on almost every continent in 23 countries so their music is truly adored all over the world.

Over the years, Celtic Woman has performed for three US Presidents and twice at the White House. The group’s most recent tour went through over 70 cities across the US — if you haven’t heard of them by now, I’d be shocked!

They’re known for their traditional Irish sound mixed with a modern approach. Musicians in the band still use the classic instruments like bagpipes and the tin whistle. Other performers join them during performances to sing backup, and Irish dancers leap across the stage to bring in one more element of Celtic heritage.

In this music video, the four women are featured singing ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ in front of a beautiful backdrop of Ireland’s greenery. This Irish folk song is loosely based off of a Scottish tune and poem from the late 1700s.

Irish musician, Francis McPeake, adapted it into an Irish melody and had his family first record it in the 1950s. So its roots go way back into Celtic history, but we recognize a much different version of the tune. Either way, the lyrics are vague AND beautifully descriptive.

"I will build my love a bower
By yon clear and crystal fountain
And on it, I will pile
All the flowers of the mountain"

Even if you’re not a fan of Irish music, this one will surely bring you some peace today.

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