Farmer Enthusiastically Greets Cows Each Morning

Farmer Enthusiastically Greets Cows Each Morning

We should all aspire to start our day as enthusiastically as this farmer greets his barn full of cows each morning!

If you’re not a morning person, waking up and getting the day started can be a struggle. Even after that cup of coffee, you still feel sluggish. But who feels the exact opposite? Farmers. More specifically, this farmer.

The first thing to know about working on a farm is that it takes hard work in the early mornings to make sure all of the little animals are fed and ready to go for the day. Because of that, I’d imagine that farmers HAVE to be morning people!

The clip starts on the farmer’s hand opening the door to one of his barns. This isn’t your average-sized, red barn. It’s a calf barn. And it’s not just a handful of calfs — he opens the door to hundreds of cute baby cows!

The one walkway down the middle seems as if it could go on forever. Did the cows down at the other end even know that someone came through the door? If they didn’t, they’re about to get the memo!

The farmer takes a deep breath and yells, “Good morning, cows!” And as soon as he finishes his greeting, the cows respond with equally excited moos. I couldn’t tell you if every single cow in there started mooing, but it sure seemed like it! Almost like a wave of moos going through the barn.

He then pans the camera around the joyous cows and zooms in on a couple of them. I doubt there’s anyone that doesn’t think these little furry creatures are adorable. Just look at their spots!

Let’s all take the positivity and happiness from this video and spread it to others today!

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