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17-Year-Old Blind Musician Earns Golden Buzzer After Simon Asks For 2nd Song

17-Year-Old Blind Musician Earns Golden Buzzer After Simon Asks For 2nd Song

One young woman with a physical disability stunned the studio audience and the judges on America’s Got Talent with her outstanding Golden Buzzer-winning performances.

People have a habit of taking one look at someone and making snap, wrong-headed and erroneous judgments. Humans look at someone, and based on nothing more than a single look, limit people. However, thankfully, God doesn’t operate that way. He looks at the heart.

One woman, 17-year-old Putri Ariani, who is blind and possesses a stunning voice, stated that she has experienced such horrible treatment from others.

“My biggest challenge is people look at me just as a blind person, not as a musician,” Putri said. “But when I’m singing, I feel like a superstar.”

Putri, for her audition in front of the four judges, took a seat at the piano and sang beautifully. The studio audience erupted in cheers and applause throughout her performance. Everyone in the room was absolutely mesmerized.

However, after her performance, Simon Cowell walked up on stage and had a brief conversation with her and her father. Simon asked her to sing a second song. 

Once again, the young woman knocks it out of the park, displaying her spectacular voice. The audience and the studio audience responded with a standing ovation.

Simon, who had asked her for a second song, showered the young woman with praise.

“You’re 17, you write songs,” Simon said. “You’ve got an amazing, distinctive voice, and I mean, really, really good.”

Simon ends his comments by simply reaching over and slamming the Golden Buzzer for the Putri. Confetti rains down on the stage, covering Putri, who cannot believe what just happened to her. She is overwhelmed and tears flow down her face. 

In the clip, Simon said he hit the Golden Buzzer for Putri “because she’s brilliant.”

The tone, control and range of Putri’s voice are unreal. 

1 Samuel 16:7 “But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not take note of his face or how tall he is, because I will not have him: for the Lord’s view is not man’s; man takes note of the outer form, but the Lord sees the heart.”

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