‘World On Fire’ Dolly Parton Live Performance At ACM Awards

‘World On Fire’ Dolly Parton Live Performance At ACM Awards

Dolly Parton, a legendary and iconic musician, performed an original song about the deep divides in our country.

With just one look on social media and a glance at the nightly news headlines, one could easily surmise that people are heavily divided on many issues. The pervasive nature of social media in society seems to have really highlighted those stark differences in opinions and the hatred that often comes with them.

At the annual Academy of Country Music Awards, Dolly gave a dazzling performance of her new song “World On Fire.” The song’s lyrics make it abundantly clear the track is about the deep divisions in society and those who fan the flames of hate and division. 

In the song’s opening verse, Dolly mentions that while she may not speak publicly on issues, she remains informed and in touch. She also adds that people get so worked up over every single issue.

The song’s second verse asks a very direct question: “When did we lose ‘In God we trust?’” People, on both sides of the aisle, put so much faith and trust in politicians, as if they can fix everything or really, anything. 

“I don’t know what to think about us
When did we lose “In God we trust?”
God Almighty, what we gonna do?”

In the song’s second verse, Dolly calls out politicians for their twisting and turning of the truth to fit their narrative and win votes. Greedy politicians, both past and present, are responsible for creating this current state of division. Those people would not be familiar with the truth if it bit them on the posterior, Dolly sings.

Common decency, truth, right and wrong, where have they all gone? Dolly’s new song captures something most people experience and sees likely every single day: the deep divisions on many different issues and topics. 

No politician, on either side, can fix such hatred. God working in and changing the hearts and minds of many is the only solution. 

Romans 12:21 “Do not let evil overcome you, but overcome evil by good.”

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