Trader Joe's Cashier Surprises Struggling Woman With Bouquet Of Flowers

Trader Joe's Cashier Surprises Struggling Woman With Bouquet Of Flowers

Take a listen to this struggling young woman’s story about a Trader Joe’s cashier who made her day, surprising her with a bouquet of flowers just when she needed it most!

It may sound like an advertisement for Trader Joe’s, but Danielle Blakey’s TikTok video is perhaps an advertisement for kindness, thoughtfulness, and attentiveness. Those are three traits demonstrated by the employee who rang out Danielle on a recent bad day.

Danielle explains that she’s had a couple of really hard days, and she’d stopped into the store to pick up a few groceries, her cupboards and refrigerator bare. As she recounts the story, Danielle’s eyes are wet with tears, and her face is red. She shares that while she usually does a good job of hiding her emotions, she wasn’t that day. Although she wasn’t crying at the register, she was visibly down and sad, and the cashier noticed it.

The video includes a couple of subtitles. In the second, Danielle describes herself as “a pleaser,” so we understand when she says that she felt bad for not being friendly and responsive to the gentleman in the lane. While he’d tried to make conversation, she just wasn’t in a state of mind to do so.

As the transaction neared completion, Danielle grabbed her credit card to pay. The cashier excused himself for a moment, but the young woman didn’t think much about it. When he returned, though, the cashier brought Danielle a lovely bouquet of spring flowers—a bunch of purple and pink kindness!

Danielle reports that she completely broke down. Overwhelmed by the caring gesture, Danielle sobbed and bawled and is praising Trader Joe’s and its employees. She didn’t get the name of the kind mister that gave her the flowers, but she extended an emotional word of thanks via TikTok to the cashier that served her at Trader Joe’s Dallas-Greenville location.  

Some viewer comments indicate that Trader Joe’s intentionally fosters a culture of kindness, empowering and encouraging their employees to attend to customer needs beyond the expected. Whether this particular individual was trained well or raised well, we don’t know. However, Danielle, who normally posts about dating and relationships, may consider advising her followers to be looking out for a Trader Joe’s type of partner!

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” Colossians 3:12

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