Cornerstone - TobyMac

Cornerstone - TobyMac

Listen to the song ‘Cornerstone’ by TobyMac and be encouraged by the hopeful lyrics.

“Lookin' out my window, feelin' the crescendo, sunset on a quiet sea
Sitting with the ones that I'll forever love, we're waitin' on a flash of green
And even when the nights got cold, You have always held me close
You're the only rock that I could ever stand on, You're the only one for me”

TobyMac shares about the time he was burying his first son in Franklin, Tennessee, when God met him in his moment of deep pain with wisdom and hope. 

“I just looked at my kids and my wife, and I said, ‘Wow, we have to rebuild. And we’re not going to build on finances; we’re not going to build on prescription drugs or alcohol; we’re not going to build on being victims. We are going to build on the Rock,’” he said. 

“The world’s tricky. I built on things I shouldn’t have been building on. And I said, ‘We have a chance to rebuild now. We have to. We have no choice — our world’s been devastated, but we will rebuild on the Rock.’”

The song ‘Cornerstone’ is from TobyMac’s album Life After Death, and it features the soulful voice of Zach Williams. He comes in on the bridge of the song that nods to the classic hymn ‘On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand.’

The music video shows multiple people who are broken and putting their faith and efforts into things in this world that are as solid as sinking sand. Then at the end of the video, a house can be seen that is built on a solid foundation, one made of rock. Our God is that solid foundation for all of us that we can build our lives on.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Cornerstone’ by TobyMac today!

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