Dog Hysterically Howls Whenever Young Man Plays Instrument

Dog Hysterically Howls Whenever Young Man Plays Instrument

A dog hysterically howls whenever a young man plays an instrument.

God has blessed several people with the ability to create beautiful sounds and play ear-pleasing, pleasant music. Some of those talented individuals can seemingly pick up any instrument and play it almost like they’ve been doing so for years. However, for others, picking up an instrument takes a bit more work and practice.

Still, there is another group of people when it comes to playing music. These people, try as they might, may not be gifted in the musical department. That’s fine; God gives everyone different skills, gifts, and talents. No two people are precisely 100 percent alike. 

In a clip posted on social media, a dog hilariously registers his displeasure at the sound being created by a young man practicing his recorder. Whenever the little boy does play his instrument, the dog howls loudly as if the sound is causing the dog physical pain.

The text in the video mentions that the animal’s owners believed the sound was causing the dog pain.

“Had to take this video and send it to the music teacher to show her why he’s failing the recorder and can’t practice at home…it hurts the dog’s ears too much,” the text reads.

The dog’s hysterical reaction to the young man’s playing is actually keeping him from practicing his instrument. In the opening moments of the video, the child becomes visibly frustrated with the animal’s critique of his work.

“See, I just can’t when she does this,” the young man says following the dog’s howling.

About halfway through the video, the dog adds its own sound. Every time the young man plays a note or two on the recorder, the dog immediately howls. 

As the old saying goes, everyone's a critic and has to offer an opinion, apparently even dogs.

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

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