Jennifer Garner's Flexibility Challenge Goes Hilariously Wrong

Jennifer Garner's Flexibility Challenge Goes Hilariously Wrong

Actress Jennifer Garner attempted to complete a flexibility challenge, but things went hilariously wrong.

Getting older is not a fun process. Plenty of people will wholeheartedly and honestly agree with that statement. Aging is something that everyone experiences with every passing day, hour, minute and second. The human body is temporary and not designed to last forever. 

One of the worst things about aging is the realization that we are getting older. We begin noticing the signs of the aging process. Our hair, or what is left of it, has started turning gray or bright white. One’s memory is no longer what it once was, and one's metabolism has slowed considerably. 

Another sign of growing older is the loss of flexibility and mobility. Moving and staying active are great for everyone, especially for someone starting to get along in years. However, no matter how much we move around, it will never be with the ease and effortlessness of when we were children.

In a clip posted on social media, Jennifer Garner tries to emulate a stretching exercise. The first part of the clip shows two young women moving and contorting their bodies with ease. 

When they do it, it looks straightforward. 

The rest of the clip shows Jennifer and a friend trying the same exercise and movement. However, their results are different from those of the two young women. 

Instead, their first attempt ends with Jennifer and her buddy falling backward onto the floor. Not one to give up easily, Jennifer gets back up and tries that same flexibility motion a couple more times.

They do a slightly modified version of the original exercise, and the two women congratulate one another on their accomplishments. Either way, both appear to be having fun, and that’s really what exercise and moving around should be: fun. If it’s not fun, who will want to do it?

1 Timothy 4:8 “For the training of the body is of profit for a little, but religion is of profit in every way, giving hope for the life which now is, and for that which is to come.”

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