Golden Retriever Helps Owner Pack for Trip, Melts Hearts Everywhere

Golden Retriever Helps Owner Pack for Trip, Melts Hearts Everywhere

A cute and lovable golden retriever, in a sweet display of love and affection, decided to give its owner a hand, helping her pack her suitcase for an upcoming trip.

Not everyone has a dog or a cat, but most people love and adore those animals. Their unique personalities are so cute and quirky, providing friendship and given their often-hilarious antics, a fair amount of entertainment. 

But in addition to the free entertainment they provide, animals are some of the most lovable, caring and sweet creatures on Earth. Dogs especially continually show their affection and loyalty in a variety of ways. Most of them are likely to bring a tear or two to your eye. 

In a clip posted on TikTok, one dog, a golden retriever, wanted to be helpful. The short, 14-second video shows the animal standing near an opened, partially emptied suitcase with an object in its mouth. 

The woman filming the dog’s sweet gesture calls out the animal as it approaches the piece of luggage. 

“You just brought it back to the suitcase,” the woman says with a laugh.

After the animal finishes listening to its owner talk, the animal turns back to the suitcase and finishes what it had started by gently placing the object, which appears to be a small stuffed animal, possibly a lion, in the suitcase. 

“What are you doing?” the woman asks the canine. “Bean, are you helping me pack for vacation?”

The text at the top of the video indicates that the dog’s action was a case of monkey see-monkey do. But perhaps the dog also wanted to be prepared. It also wanted to be ready for the trip, too.

Animals are yet another way the good Lord has blessed our lives. As anyone with a pet knows, things are just much better with a dog or a cat in your life. 

Genesis 1:21 “And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, and after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”

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