tim lucas - El Elyon

tim lucas - El Elyon

this song came out of a time of worship right after looking at some hebrew Names for the Lord. two of these came into this song which are El Elyon (meaning Most High God) and Elohim (God above the others). in a time where there are so many other gods that get in the way of us and Jesus, we have to make a daily thing of acknowledging Him as God above all the others.

God of Beauty

God of Justice

God of Life and all we see

God of Mercy

God of Love

God of everything

May others see You in me

not for mine, but for Your Glory

El Elyon, Most High God

i bow at Your feet

i humble all i am

before Elohim

God of Providence

God of Blessing

God of Freedom, God of truth

God of Deliverance

God of Healing

how i long to be like You